Hi my name is Thomas, i’m 19 years old and i live in Paraguay, i’m actually Argentinian and my whole family lives there. I love music, i love every aspect of making it and I been making music for a few years now, and since i left home i lack direction and i’m grinding hard writing all these songs and doing all these freestyles (Vodkapone) type songs and uploading them to everywhere hoping someone importan whit the intelligence enough to difference between a newbie(notme) from an oldie (me). I have a lot to offer and i think the world is ready to fall inlove with my work. I am the next up, i know. I just had to find the right place to show the power of my music. I have over 9k views on Felicidad, 7.6k on Spotify and now i dropped Vodkapone to show a little bit of whats coming in the album i got planned for 2020 (when i’ll be 20) which will break the fuckin’ charts like nothing. I know my numbers aren’t so big yet, but i promisse, i swear, if you are reading this far JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE, and i won’t EVER let you down. I’m what you NEED. please just get in touch with me i swear i got some money i can leave this place i don’t care i just wan’t to live making music, doing concerts and feeling okay with my life. I was born for this. I studied music since i was 8 years old, my dad used to play songs on the car radio when i was little and i would sing them exactly like the singer but higher ‘couse my voice is pitched like Michael Jackson’s, so i know i can sing even high notes like Bruno Mars, and i don’t care if i fuck my trought up singing, i rather do it making people happy than smoking gas. I play the guitar, organ, piano, bass, and ukelele, and some other istruments fluently. So yeah, i been in stages, i been making songs, i ain’t afraid of this, i’m young, i’m carismatic, o don’t have any tattos, or childrens… only big happy dreams that i need you to help me achieve. If you do this for me i’ll be forever Thankfoul to you. And always remember where i came from. If you have any brain you’ll realise (i’m writing in english on my girlfriend’s phone &) i actually made drawings since i was a kid, i used to drw and sell drwings at school and i never thought it will serve me untill i started making music and album covers… i Desing, i use photoshop, corel draw, i studied marketing, i have bought Mixing Books to learn how to produce, i really love how it feels to find the perfect beat to write to. And beeing able to produce my own songs. But now i’m stuck, working at a Beer Distribuitor for 1.60 $ an hour and feeling so Hungry, and Mad, and So so so Sad. I know i can break the internet. I want you to punch the start button. And So we take flight. (+595986655452) whatssapp me or call me. I’m up for what ever anyways. I’m always happy to hear about music news. I knlw i’ll be the best showman ever ‘couse the influence the music coulture had on me was so amazing that it turned me in to a Savage, now i would do whatever it takes to be at the top, there’s no quitting, no return. I’m selling my soul to the music industry. I just need to find someone like you to take us to the highest places on earth. Believe in me. You will never regret singning me or working with me. And trust me i’m no fool. I know how to get everything i need and i want. In a few months you’ll be happy i wrote this and you found me. We can be super, we can be dope.

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- Tengo 19 años soy de argentina y soy artista

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