Mc granate

3 junio, 2019 18:29
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Mc Granate is a Brazilian singer who lives in Spain since she was 12 years old. It began to be recognized in 2017 after having uploaded their compositions on YouTube. One of his most wanted videos was Mc Garnet with Mc Alex (Brazil 🇧🇷) “I’m sencible”. then she released with Big Sultan (Morocco 🇲🇦) the theme “crazy crazy”.
With “crazy loca” came to be recognized in the United States and Europe.
He immediately launched his sencillol “if you love me”.
With Drey killer (cali Colombia 🇨🇴) released at the beginning of 2019, “Beybe” Reguetton romantico and another single more: “I miss you” electro · Latino and this summer is working to release his first album with 10 songs that has the bases between pop trap hip hop reguetton electro latino and much more, the album already has a name and it will be called ” Traviesa ‘.
Mc Garnet arrives from the Brazilian Amazon to conquer the world.


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